Entrepreneurial Consulting for Real Business Growth

Hello, my name is Mike. I’m a passionate business leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience. I have founded and successfully sold 3 companies. Now, as an advisor & consultant I bring proven strategy, process and resources to you and your business.

Here’s what I do:

For startups and businesses still finding their way – I offer ON-DEMAND Advising

This is a great way to engage me when you want to add expertise without overhead. I understand budgets can be tight when starting a business, but nothing substitutes laying the right foundation for growth. I can help identify areas that need improvement and opportunities you may not currently see. I can assist with all aspects of running a startup to middle market business.

Areas of Experience include: operations, sales & business development, distribution channels, strategic partnerships, HR, process & infrastructure development, brand & product development, international sourcing, strategic & operational planning/execution, hiring & leading high-performance teams.

For more established companies – It’s about aligning people & culture

Most companies get to a tipping point where they either become stagnant or poised for incredible growth. At both points the key to winning is aligning people and culture. Here, working directly with your team over an 8-week period, we teach a proven Management Operating System (MOS) that will align your team and culture. Our methodology will truly transform how your team communicates, makes decisions and approaches work.

Let’s connect! Contact me today to discuss your goals and determine how we can work together to achieve extraordinary results.