Hello.  My name is Mike Romley.  I’m a business builder. I’ve founded/co-founded several multi million-dollar businesses, created jobs, wealth and opportunity for others as well as myself.  I have immersed myself in the finances, operations, team dynamics, product development, distribution and go to market strategies of my own companies and now I would like to help yours.

Do you have a company that is stuck?  In a downturn and don’t know why? Need a fresh perspective and recommendations that can get you to new levels?  Don’t want to pay astronomical prices for an overblown consulting company who just creates more issues and very little results? If so then let’s get to work.  Results from recent clients include:

  • Growth
  • Increased revenue
  • Simplicity and focus
  • Alignment with priorities
  • Accountability and discipline
  • Clear purpose, strategy and roadmap

I can help you achieve these through focus in one or more of these areas:

Strategy – development or refinement to ensure all resources are pointed to the overall objectives.

Operations and People – optimizing the right people doing the right things towards a well defined target.

Priorities – establishing a clear framework and roadmap from which every manager can align their teams.

Hot Issues – get a clear, outside perspective to eliminate obstacles to growth.

Communications and Collaboration – establish a communications and meeting rhythm and structure that fosters collaboration and real results.

I also have experience with buy and sell side M&A transactions. 

Contact me today to explore how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.